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Radio Remote Control
Ideal for use in industrial automation and lifting purposes, this industrial radio remote control is integrated with receivers and transmitting units. It has a dual band radio and it automatically searches for the suitable frequency. The remote control can be used in systems that combine various units.
Pendant Station
Having power push button, this remote pendant station is ideal for various applications such as one motion hoist. Its wiring is simple and all the legend plates are simple to read. Compact construction makes it suitable for hand-held uses. It has higher protection standards as well as exceptional shock resistance.
Pendant Cable
Electrical Pendant Cable is used along with a pendant station and together these are used for the movement of machines. In case of heavy-duty applications, multi-core cable should be used, which we can provide on request. Having good flexibility, its outer sheath is made in black color using PVC.
Gantry Cranes
Ideal for lifting and moving material in a plant, gantry cranes are easy to assemble and disassemble. The said material can be equipment, motors and machinery. Its tread and height is adjustable, which allows its installation in uneven surfaces as well.
JIB Cranes
Used in industrial applications or military vehicles, a JIB crane is apt for lifting heavy equipment or machines. The size of the crane depends on the amount of weight to be lifted along with the movement area at the site. These are classified on the basis of their mountings.
Goliath Cranes
Used for heavy duty applications in marble, granite or shipping industries, a Goliath crane is a huge crane used for handling heavy loads or equipment. These are provided with single girder or double girder design depending upon the load bearing capacity.
Single Girder Cranes
With low dead weight, single girder cranes are useful with load capacities up to 20 tons. Considered as the most economical weight lifting solution, these have modular construction featuring a wire rope hoist. The compact and light weight structure ensures appropriate utilization of the space and reduced building weights.
Double Girder Cranes
Ideal for lifting heavy loads, a double girder crane can be used frequently in rail yards, mining, shipping ports etc. With unmatched load capacity and low dead weight, these cranes are recommended for heavy applications. Besides, these can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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